Science Heritage Journal | Galeri Warisan Sains (GWS)

ISSN: 2521-0858 (Print)
ISSN: 2521-0866 (Online)
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Science Heritage Journal (GWS)

Science Heritage Journal | Galeri Warisan Sains (GWS) as an independent new Journal catering exclusively to a wide community of professionals in various disciplines of basic and applied science. GWS publishes peer-review articles in various fields of Science including Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Statistics, Biology, Chemistry and Earth & Environmental Sciences. In addition, it also aims to bring the results of scientific research carried out under a variety of intellectual traditions and organizations to the attention of specialized scholarly readership. The aim of the journal is to serve the theological community with information provided and arranged to help them better understand the new scientific discoveries and studies that may be connected by their relevance to their own field or in associated fields. On the other hand, the interested scientists may find here new insights or a more profound attempt of understanding of the results of their research work.